Superfood Smoothie Bowl


If you spend any time scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, you've surely come across smoothie bowls (hint, they are everywhere right now). Aside from being stunning to look at, we bet you're wondering if they're actually a healthy breakfast? The answer is you betcha! Smoothie bowls are not only ultra-versatile (meaning you can create endless variations depending on the flavours you love, or even what you've got on hand in your pantry and fridge), but they're brimming with nutrient-dense superfoods, and a cinch to make. Here we've created the smoothie bowl of our dreams—

Superfood Smoothie Bowl

What you'll need

For the smoothie

1-2 cups fresh or frozen mixed berries

Handful baby spinach or kale leaves

1 tbsp hemp or chia seeds

1/2-1 cup milk (almond, soy or regular) or water

1 packet or 1 scoop Juice Plus Complete French Vanilla Protein Powder


1 tbsp seeds (chia, hemp or sesame)

1 tbsp roasted pumpkin seeds

1/2 cup mixed berries

1/2 sliced apple or pear

2 tbsp chopped almonds or walnuts

2 tbsp granola (optional)


Combine smoothie ingredients in a blender and blend on high speed until very smooth. Pour into a bowl. 

Sprinkle your smoothie with any or all of the suggested toppings, or create your own version using your favourite superfoods and ingredients!

Enjoy immediately!