Our Favourite Yoga Studios In And Around Toronto

At this point, the rate of new Yoga studios popping up all over the place rivals the rate of healthy juice shops (and that’s saying something). Let’s face it, searching for the perfect studio, with the perfect instructors AND the perfect zen ambiance can be (at the very least), time consuming. So, to give you a break with this mighty task, I've scoured around and checked out (and tested) many of the most-talked about Yoga studios. Here, I'm sharing my top 7 zen-bountiful studios in and around Toronto. So, jump into your fave Yoga pants, grab your mat and go check out a class at one (or all) of these studios.

Power Yoga Canada 

Commonly known as PYC, Power Yoga Canada opened its first studio in 2009. Since then, they have opened locations in several of Ontario’s main cities. Their mission is simple – to be a place where you can transform and learn to be empowered to do what you do best. As a regular at PYC Oakville (okay, a few times a week-er), I can attest 100% to this. They really do become a second home to so many people. The space is very welcoming and the instructors and staff are incredibly kind and inspiring. The Yoga approach that they follow is the Babtiste approach (link) and their main focus is Hot Power Yoga (although they do offer Au Natural classes that are non-heated). So, if you're looking for some serious inspiration and some (insane) amounts of sweat pouring off your body, look no further than PYC — and get ready to be transformed!

Moksha Yoga Downtown

Moksha Yoga is a form of hot Yoga with a philosophy that is based on 7 pillars: Be Healthy. Be Accessible. Live Green. Sangha Support. Live to Learn. Reach Out. Be Peace. They follow a specific series of postures with the goal of strengthening, calming and inspiring. Their first location was opened in 2004 and they now have spread to over 65 international locations. Having been an avid Yogi at these studios for a few years, I have found their instructors to be warm and compassionate, their classes to be challenging and grounding and their philosophy to rain true. I would highly recommend these classes if you're looking for a great workout, a motivating environment and a community-centered studio (oh yes, and also be prepared to sweat!)

iGita Yoga Studio

I’gita Yoga Studio is located on Kerr Street in downtown Oakville and is a very widely known—and loved—studio that offers everything from Yoga classes to Pilates, spin and barre-style fitness classes. They have a unique “zen” space that is warm and inviting, which you feel the moment you walk in the front door. They offer 150 classes a week and have both hot and normal temp studio spaces. They also have a specialty Juice bar—Om Juice organic juice and smoothie bar—where you can grab a healthy juice to go or enjoy it in their cozy lobby space. This place is a true gem and definitely worth a try!

889 Yoga

With their bright and beautiful studio spaces, these two Yoga studio locations are hugely popular for Mid-towners in Toronto (one studio is located at 889 Yonge Street in Rosedale and the other in the 4 Seasons Hotel in Yorkville). Owned by sisters who are looking to inspire happiness and health in all of their clients (hmmm…sounds a little bit like us!), they offer a vibrant and friendly space including Yoga, Pilates and meditation classes. When you walk into the space, you will instantly feel a sense of calm and positivity that is unrivalled. It truly is an experience to take a class at one of these studios. They offer teaching through their Living Yoga School (link) and they also have an on-line shop full of their favourite and beautiful things!

Downward Dog Yoga Studio 

If you’ve ever lived near, or visited trendy Queen West West area in Toronto, you’ve likely seen, heard of (or tried) Downward Dog Yoga Studio. This area-staple has been around since 1997 and is renowned for its classes and also its teacher training of Yoga to students. This was the first place where I attended Yoga classes in Toronto, and I also took my first meditation class here. Thus, it holds a special place in my heart (as it does for many). It is a very community-driven studio and holds true to the Ashtanga style of Yoga. If you're looking for an authentic Yoga studio, this is the place for you.

Octopus Garden Holistic Yoga Studio

This vibrant and inclusive Yoga studio is located in the heart of the Annex. They offer something for everyone looking to become more healthy and whole, including individual and family Yoga classes, meditation classes, workshops, teaching and retreats. They also have an in-house health clinic including Health Care Professionals who offer Osteopathy, Holistic Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Naturopathy, just to name a few.

Chrysalis Yoga

Whether you're a beginner or an expert Yogi, you will love Chrysalis studio. Located in North Burlington, the space is calm and welcoming. They offer almost every style of Yoga you can imagine, from Yin to Vinyasa to Hot Power Yoga classes. They also offer excellent pre and post-natal classes (which was my first experience here – if you are new to the area and pregnant or with a little one, it’s a great place to meet new moms!). Also offered are workshops, teacher training and meditation classes. This studio provides a second home to many a Yogi!


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