4 Meditation Apps We're Obsessed With

5 Meditation Apps We Are Obsessed With

We're the first to admit that life can get a little bit hectic sometimes. There's the never ending to-do lists, the struggle to maintain that elusive work/life/relationship balance (does this even exist?!), the constant feeling that we need to be connected at all times (we're looking at you Instagram) and lets not forget the overwhelming feelings of not doing enough or being good enough, at anything. As moms to young kids and business owners, we know all too well the feelings of being overwhelmed and we're constantly on the hunt for ways to find balance in our lives. 

Enter meditation and mindfulness, the latest buzzwords swirling around the health and wellness industry. And, for good reason. A daily meditation practice has been touted with everything from reducing our stress levels to diminishing symptoms of depression and anxiety (something a whopping 60% of us struggle with) to helping us feel more grateful and present on a daily basis. But that’s not all. Aside from these more obvious benefits, meditation has also been shown to boost our immune systems, lower our risk of heart disease, improve our relationships and boost our overall feelings of self-worth and happiness.

So, with all these awesome benefits, why aren't we all doing it? 

Well for starters most people have an out-dated view on what meditation actually is (no, it's not just for monks), and they believe it's either too tough, too time consuming or too boring. Thankfully meditation and mindfulness apps have taken the digital world by storm and they're trending in a major way. So, if you need a little nudge in the right direction and you'd rather strap on your headphones and listen to a guided meditation (then try to sit in silence and focus only on your breath), check out one of these 5 apps that we keep coming back to. But watch out, you might just get hooked.


This award-winning mindfulness app has over 80 guided meditations that are custom made to fit all the different stages of your day. There are meditations for wake up time, home time, work time, travel time, sleep time, among many more. There are minimal charges associated with downloading this app, but the benefits are well worth it. Get set to Buddhify your mind!


One of our favourites, this simple meditation and mindfulness app is devoted to bringing more clarity and peace of mind into your life. A great feature for those just starting a meditation practice, is that Calm offers an initial "7 days of calm" series, where you learn the basics of mindfulness and meditation. For those of you meditation gurus, Calm offers more advanced 7-day and 21-day series which you will love including "7 days of focus", "7 days of managing stress", "7 days of happiness" and "21 days of calm". For those of you just wanting to have some peaceful sounds as a background to your own breathing practice, they also have an array of scenes to choose from (think sunset beach, summer meadow and woodland lake, to name a few).


Omvana is an internationally-recognized mindfulness app that offers its subscribers 100's of meditation tracks for focus, sleep, peace, enlightenment, fitness and more. When you sign up, the first 25 of these are free! One of the best features of this app is that you can mix background music to your favourite tracks so that you have access to 1000's of variations of meditations, based on your body and minds needs at that moment. 


This app markets itself as a "gym membership for your mind". Which is exactly what it is. Headspace offers a free sign up with access to a "10 minutes per day" meditation sequence that promises to provide you with extra calm and clarity in your day. To access their unlimited collection of tracks, you can subscribe to a specific package based on your meditation needs. A great pro to this app is that you can sign up with a buddy and set yourselves up to be accountable to one another! Let the breathing begin!

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