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Lindsay (left) + Danielle (right)

Lindsay (left) + Danielle (right)

If you’ve had a little browse around our site, you’ve likely gathered that we are identical twin sisters who are passionate about healthy living and helping people live their best life. But, we wanted to give you a glimpse into ‘our story’—the life experiences, people and events that have shaped us—so that you could get to know us a little bit better, and learn why we became wellness advocates and Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches and why we started Nourish Live Flow.

We have always been drawn to a healthy life and lifestyle, even from when we were very young. Central to our lives is a passion for living life to the fullest, meeting people and building meaningful relationships. We strive to learn as much as possible about the things we love. One of the things that make us happiest is spending time with family and friends, chatting and laughing over a coffee or a glass of wine. We love eating healthy food, cooking with fresh ingredients, being physically active, and getting outdoors as much as we can. This passion for healthy living can be attributed to our parents and our grandparents.

Living in Halifax, Nova Scotia until we were 6 years old, we spent our early days playing at the beach, camping, and vacationing in New Brunswick, PEI and Newfoundland. This is where our love of nature and the world around us began. Moving back to Ontario, our family settled in Oakville and we began spending summers in Muskoka, at camps and cottages with family and friends. Our grandparents and parents were very social and taught us the value of spending time together with family and close friends. Fresh food, cooking and entertaining were always a huge part of this. Meals at home were always home-cooked and delicious. Through these early life experiences, the three of us (our brother Jeff is two years older than us) learned to love socializing, cooking and entertaining from a very young age.

Although for most of our lives, we have been very close (some would say inseparable!), we also chose to take our own paths to learn about ourselves in our late teens and early twenties. We attended different Universities in separate cities and both spent a few years travelling (sometimes meeting up far away from home; we spent a few months together in Australia!) but also spending time separately, experiencing the world. In our mid-twenties we both ended up back in Toronto, to continue our education and begin our adult lives and careers, Danielle as a Physical Therapist and Acupuncture provider and Lindsay in the food, nutrition and media industry. 

Despite our happy lives, at a certain point, we each started to feel out of balance and began experiencing a great deal of anxiety. Looking back, as teenagers, we had each developed a need to “be perfect” and through this we often set unattainable and unrealistic goals for ourselves and worked ourselves to the limit. We thought if we worked harder, we could achieve more. We strived for excellence, did well in school and always worked our absolute best. What we didn’t realize is that we were actually hurting ourselves—physically, mentally and spiritually—by doing this. This constant need to always “do more” led us each to experience anxiety and struggles with our body and mind. Rather than listening to what our bodies really needed, we were suddenly out of whack and left with the question of what can we do to change and feel better?

Desperately seeking balance, we started searching for a better way. We began learning about, practicing and experimenting with things like Yoga. We learned the value of breathing, practicing meditation and self-care. This is where our real journey to learn about our body and our mind, and how they work together to keep us healthy and happy, really began. We learned to listen to ourselves and to what we truly need and want (and just so you know, we believe that is different for each and every person!). We also found a link between the food that we ate and how we felt. The more whole, healthy and real food we ate, the better we felt. Through these changes, we learned the true meaning of health and happiness: living life with balance.

Fast-forward to today, we’ve just celebrated our 40th birthdays. Our individual paths to health and healing are ongoing, and we truly believe this is a lifelong journey, one that must be taken day by day. We wouldn’t be the people we are today without having gone through the struggles of yesterday, so we are very grateful for them. We are both married and each have two young children, each a boy and girl. Our families and our kids are our world. We live close by each other and our husbands and kids are close friends. We see our kids growing up in the world today, with even more stress, fear and chaos than we had, and we want to teach them (and your families and kids too) what we have learned. We want to teach you, and them, how to listen to and love yourself, how to practice self-care, how to learn the value of breathing and being present, how to eat fresh and healthy foods and how to be active, so that you, and they too, can find harmony and happiness in life.

Nourish Live Flow was born out of our passion for working with and helping people and we want to share the tips, tools and advice that have helped us create more fulfilled lives. We decided together that we wanted to help guide others who have also gone through life’s struggles and ups and downs to find their balance and happiness too. A year ago we found and enrolled in a 12-month program with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). This program felt like the perfect way for us to continue to learn about our passion for holistic health and wellness and effectively bring together all of our respective areas of expertise into a cohesive whole. We have recently graduated from IIN as Certified Integrative Health and Nutrition Coaches and we are now ready to work with you, your family and your friends!  We want to guide each of you to find your balance and happiness and lead your best life yet.

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