The Hottest Cold-Pressed Juice Spots In And Around Toronto


We all know very well the health benefits of eating fresh fruits and veggies everyday, especially our greens. Unfortunately, with our busy lives and endless to-do lists, few of us have the time to actually prepare and eat enough of these to meet our daily quota. This is where cold-pressed juices— juices that are made using a hydraulic press to extract juice from fresh fruit and vegetables—can come into play. Different than drinking a store bought glass of OJ in the morning (which is chock-full of sugar and additives), when a juice is cold-pressed, it means they are extracting live juice and preserving the maximum amount of vitamins, enzymes, and minerals for your body to use. So, when you're short on time and are feeling low on your nutrient-odometer, you can reach for a bottle and know that you are getting the essential nutrients and minerals your body needs to function at its best.

Although there are many benefits to cold-pressed juices, having too much of one thing is never a good idea. We advise that you find a balance between eating and drinking your greens. The reason for this is that using our mastication muscles (chewing!) is actually a very important part of the digestion process and helps us get the most fibre from our fruits and veggies. Our advice: Use cold-pressed juices as an adjunct to eating regular, whole fruits and veggies to make sure you are getting all of those great vitamins and minerals your body really needs to stay healthy and grow optimally. Some of our favourite benefits to eating and drinking your fruits and veggies include healthy, glowing skin and hair, lowered levels of inflammation in your body, enhanced immunity and improved digestion. Need we say more?

So, for those weeks that you just can’t find the time to prepare your veggies, read on to find the best spots to grab a cold-pressed juice in and around Toronto. One important note: cold-pressed juices must be refrigerated and consumed quickly (they only have a shelf life of 2-3 days) otherwise harmful bacteria can grow within them. Make sure to check and follow the best before dates!

Pulp and Press Juice Co.

This well-known juice company has locations in London and Toronto. They can also be found at several health food and grocery chains such as Fresh and Wild and Metro. With pre-made cleanses, subscriptions and delivery options you can have easy access to healthy juices everyday.

The Greenhouse Juice Company

This Toronto-based juice company has been around since 2014 and now has several different locations in and around the GTA. Their tasty juices can also be found at Pusateri’s stores and various shops in Toronto. With unique blends and well thought-up names (The Giver: Kale, Collards, Rainbow Swiss Chard, Celery, Cucumber, Pea Sprouts, Sunflower Sprouts, Lemon, Ginger), they have a juice for everyone. They also offer 3 different cleanses – Gentle, Standard and Green – for people looking for a ready made cleanse.

The Village Juicery

With their main store located on the Roncesvalles strip in Toronto, this nutritionist-led juice company not only specializes in cold-pressed juice but also plant milks, booster shots, yummy hot drinks and bar drinks (think Kombucha, cold brew latte and iced-tea).  In store, they also have a delicious selection of breakfast jars and salads for those wanting a healthy lunch on the go.  My personal faves: The Be Clean green juice, the Kombucha special and The Villager salad.

Green Press

New to Oakville and located right downtown on the strip, this modern and fresh juice store has juices flying off the shelves. With delicious blends (take it from me, I’ve tried them all!) and unique names (Mean Greens and Royal Flush for example), these bottles are a huge hit for Oakville’s health nuts, Yogis and those just trying to incorporate more fruits and veggies into their diet. The staff are friendly and helpful and will gladly assist you in setting up an individualized cleanse or juice fast. They also offer an on-line nutritional assessment to help in this process. Another pro to this hot spot: they do on-line ordering and home delivery!

The Fix + Co.

Located in Long Branch, Etobicoke, this juice company was created by two cousins looking to change the meaning of fast food. They offer cold-pressed organic juices and healthy, fresh meals-to-go or for delivery. Another perk: they offer catering for small events and “lunch and learn” seminars to businesses in the area led by their in-home Registered Nutritionist. She can also create individualized or pre-packaged juice cleanses for people looking for a bit more than adding in the odd juice to their diet.

Image courtesy of Green Press.

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